Please find below a sample of talks, podcasts and interviews. 

    DPC Podcast - January 2023

    Source: Digital Power China / DGAP

    DPC Podcast December 2022

    Source: Digital Power China / DGAP

    DW Saudi Arabia

    Source: Deutsche Welle

    ZDF Morgenmagazin

    Source: ZDF Morgenmagazin

    Pro Generika discussion

    Source: Pro Generika

    ZDF heute in Europa, 3 November, Interview: "Scholz in China".

    Source: ZDF

    ZDF heute in Europa, 3 November 2022, Chinas langer Arm in Europa.

    Source: ZDF

    heute in europa - ZDF - COSCO

    Source: ZDF

    Funk VIdeo Podcast

    Source: Funk


    Source: Deutschlandfunk

    MDR aktuell - COSCO

    Source: MDR

    WDR 5 Tagesgespräch - COSCO

    Source: WDR

    NDR Redezeit - Hamburger Hafen

    Source: NDR info

    BR - COSCO

    Source: BR

    rbb - COSCO

    Source: RBB - radio 1

    Book presentation at FIIA (Helsinki)

    Source: FIIA

    MDR aktuell - China setzt Militärmanöver um Taiwan fort

    Source: MDR

    DGAP explainer: Abhängigkeiten von China

    Source: DGAP

    CHERN panel discussion - Russia-China

    Source: CHERN

    Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan: Die Folgen der Reise - rbb radio

    Source: rbb 1 radio

    arte journal zur Taiwan-Krise

    Source: arte

    Source: CHERN

    MDR aktuell zur Taiwankrise.

    Source: MDR Fernsehen.

    Tagesschau 24 Interview: "Im Gespräch": Ulrich Timm bespricht politische Lage in Hongkong mit Dr. Tim Rühlig von Deutscher Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik

    Source: tagesschau24

    Hongkong - seit 25 Jahren Teil Chinas - wach & wichtig - Podcast mit Florian Schröder

    Source: Radio eins Podcast, rbb.

    OUP Podcast on Hong Kong

    Source: Oxford University Press

    ChinaTalks lecture: China’s Foreign Policy Contradictions, 16 May 2022, Copenhagen.

    Source: University of Copenhagen.

    rbb info radio Interview: "Anreize und Drohungen gegenüber China" (in German)

    Source: rbb info Radio

    Global Impact Assessment: The Digital Silk Road and China’s Technology Standards

    Source: Asia Society Policy Institute

    Avenir Suisse

    Source: Avenir Suisse.

    UI Seminar: Germany: Foreign Policy After the Election

    Source: The Swedish Institute of International Affairs

    Hearing at the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German Parliament, Bundestag. Berlin, 7 June 2021. Source: Deutscher Bundestag.

    Source: Deutscher Bundestag. My contribution starts at minute 02:06:50.

    Standardization in China and the Geopolitics of Standards Development.

    Source: Women in Standards

    Deutschland Radio: "Streit um die „Lex Huawei“", 18 December 2020

    Source: Deutschlandfunk

    Panel discussion: EU-China relations after Covid-19, Vocal Europe, June 2020.

    Coronavirus, Chiense politics, debt fueled Chinese growth, smartass-podden, February 2020. (source on external website)

    Commentary on Huawei and 5G, svt (Swedish public television), February 2020. (source on external website)

    "Hong Kong protests five years after the Umbrella Movement", UI Podcast, September 2019.

    Commentary on Chinese adds in European newspapers, Dagens industri TV, September 2019. (source on external website)

    “The making of the splinternet”, Passw0rd (with some commentary on Huawei), summer 2019 (from minute 34:00). (source on external website)

    “Should Europe take sides in the US-China Tech War?”, European Council on Foreign Relations “Mark Leonard’s World in 30 Minutes” (with Mark Leonard, Andrew Small, and Amy Studdart), July 2019. (source on external website)

    "Baltic Experiences in Countering Russian and Chinese Influence. Lessons for the EU”, Latvian Institute of International Affairs, July 2019:

    Commentary on the situation in Hong Kong, July 2019, Expressen TV. (source on external website)

    Europe-China Relations – The Role of Political Values, UI Seminar, 5 February 2019.

    "Do we need to fear China?" - talk at the "Gymnasium day", 9 April 2019.

    “Europe-China Relations – The Role of Political Values”, UI Seminar (with Christer Ahlström, Henrik Chetan Aspengren, Viking Bohman, and Nicola Nymalm), February 2019 (presentation from minute 5:20).

    “Political values in Europe-China relations – the ETNC Report 2018”, UI Podcast, February 2019, Stockholm.

    China-Europe relations, ISDP Forum, November 2018.