China Digital Analytics – research tailored to your needs

China Digital Analytics – research tailored to your needs

    Business decisions are increasingly shaped by the changing geopolitical environment in which China plays a central role. Equally, political judgment requires a proper analysis of the implications for the business sector:

    What are the risks and the opportunities to collaborate with Chinese actors?

    How will Germany and Europe be affected by the growing technology rivalry?

    Under which conditions could major crises – not least over Taiwan – have a disruptive effect like Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine recently had on the global economy?

    These and other questions affect corporate and public decisions to a growing degree and lie at the heart of my research projects. If you are facing choices affected by these factors, consider incorporating a proper political analysis of the “China factor”.

    In order to be able to tailor my work to your needs, I have registered “China Digital Analytics”. My expertise spans China’s foreign and digital technology policy, the geopolitics of 5G and technical standardization, German-Chinese and Europe-China relations as well as China’s political economy including the structure of the party-state.

    If you are interested, do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Just write an email to contact [at]!

    I am looking forward to discussing your questions with you!