COSCO buys minority share of Hamburg seaport terminal - my comments

COSCO buys minority share of Hamburg seaport terminal - my comments

    Seaports are par of the critical infrastructure of all countries. Almost 90 percent of global trade in goods is being processed in seaport. Seaports are not only nots of international flows of goods but take a central role in global trade data. Seaports undergo a rapid process of digitalization and digitization. In light of that, the decision of German chancellor Olaf Scholz to allow a Chinese state-owned shipping company to invest in Germany's largest port is risky.

    After a controversial discussion, the German government allowed COSCO, a state-owned Chinese shipping company, to take a miniorty share in one of four terminals in Hamburg. At first, the company was supposed to control 35% of the "tollerort" terminal. After meeting resistance from six ministries in charge of investment screening, German intelligence services and the EU Commission, the share was reduced to 24%. This does not give COSCO any veto power.

    Where are the risks of such investments? What is the role of digital technology?

    Read my commentary (in German) or watch and listen to my media comments below (in German).

    heute in europa - ZDF - COSCO

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    NDR Redezeit - Hamburger Hafen

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    rbb - COSCO

    Source: RBB - radio 1 Overview of media comments:

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